Epson Document Scan for Android - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epson Document Scan?

Epson Document Scan is an app which allows an Epson scanner to scan to an Android device. It is not possible to scan Epson Document Scanner products within Wi-Fi network of Android device.

Which OS and devices does Epson Document Scan support?

Epson Document Scan supports Android OS Ver.4.4 or later and Android Smart Phone/Tablet PC.

Supports only ARM architecture.

Devices which have an LCD screen size higher than 800*480 (WVGA).

Which Epson scanners support Epson Document Scan for Android?

Epson Document Scan for Android supports:

  • DS-40
  • DS-360W
  • DS-560
  • DS-570W
  • DS-1660W
  • DS40
  • DS80W
  • DS360W
  • DS560
  • DS570W
  • DS575W
  • DS1660W
  • ES60W/ES60WB/ES60WW
  • ES300/ES300WR
  • ES500W /ES /500WR
  • FF680W

Where can I get Epson Document Scan?

You can download the Epson Document Scan app from Google Play.

How much is Epson Document Scan?

Epson Document Scan is a free download from Google Play.

Are there any limitations?

Positioning of the Tool button on each screen is dependent on the device, OS version and screen orientation (vertical or horizontal), e.g. when the display area is not large enough the Tool button is not visible. Press the Menu key to access the Tool button.