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Can I install my product in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard using the driver from the Support website or my Epson product CD?


  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Epson printers and scanners



If your product was released after the release of Macintosh OS X 10.6 (September 2009), follow the instructions that came with your Epson product to install your drivers and other software. If your product was released prior to Snow Leopard or you are not sure when it was released, please refer to the information below.

Epson are committed to supporting our valued customers by providing a range of drivers designed to allow our products to work in conjunction with Snow Leopard. To check how your product is supported, please check article "Epson and Snow Leopard - Mac OS X 10.6". The link is available in the Related Articles section at the top-right of this article.

  • If your product is listed as having an 'inbox driver' included with Snow Leopard, you can use this Epson inbox driver.

    • For many Epson printers and All-In-Ones, the latest printer driver software is delivered via the Epson Printer Drivers (v2.x) for Mac OS X v10.6.1 or higher update.
    • This is available via Apple's Software Update utility or via Apple's download page.
    • Some models have printer software available through Software Update only.
    • Models with updated software available via this update are labelled Inbox** or Inbox* in the following article, which we recommend checking regularly for information: Epson and Snow Leopard - Mac OS X 10.6

  • If your product is labelled as having a 'download' driver, you can download and install the Intel-compatible Mac OS X driver available in the Drivers & Support section for your product (dated October 2007 or later).

    • These drivers are designed for 10.4.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard). Driver version 6.5x, currently available for supported products in the Support section of the website, is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 providing that Rosetta is installed.

    • Note for Large Format Printer users: For some products (e.g. Stylus Pro 4000/ 7600/ 9600/ 10600), a version 6.5x driver is not available but it is possible to use driver version 3.09. However, there are some limitations to this driver, e.g. no 16-bit support or auto rotate function, as it is designed for 10.4.x (Tiger).  For more information see Driver version 3.09 and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in the Related Articles section.

  • If you do not have access to an active Internet connection to complete this, then if your Epson product was released after 10.4.x (Tiger, in 2006), you can use the CD instead. See the section below for instructions on how to install the driver for use with Snow Leopard.


Installing the driver from the CD-ROM

Before following these instructions, check how your product is supported in Snow Leopard as an updated driver may be available via Software Update. If an updated driver isn't available via Software Update or on the Epson website, follow the steps below to install a suitable driver.

  1. Rosetta needs to be installed in Snow Leopard. If necessary, install Rosetta. For help, follow the installation instructions in article "The message Rosetta must be installed appears when I try to install my Epson driver(s) in Mac OS X 10.6.x. What should I do?". The link is available in the Related Articles section.

  2. Insert the Epson product CD. Alternatively, go to Drivers & Software in the Support section for your product - it should automatically detect your system as 'Mac OS X - Intel' (select this from the drop-down list if necessary). Download the Macintosh 10.5.x drivers for your product.

  3. Follow the on screen instructions to finish the driver installation.

  4. Once installed, make sure your printer is powered on and connected to the Mac (or available on the network if used via Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Open System Preferences then Print & Fax to check that your printer has been added to the printer list. If listed, you are ready to print.


    If it does not appear, close Print & Fax, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable, and then re-open Print & Fax. For network printers, you may need to add the printer under Bonjour.

Please check our support article periodically for updates regarding availability of Snow Leopard drivers, software updates, and user instructions.

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