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Pomoc techniczna i pliki do pobrania: SureColor SC-P9000 STD

DS Series Scanners: How to scan banner documents using Epson Scan


  • Epson Scan
  • DS Series Scanners 


  1. Open Epson Scan.

  2. Select Office mode from the Mode drop down menu.

    Office Mode

  3. Select Customize from the size drop down list.


  4. Note:

    This option is only available in Office Mode

  5. Enter a Source Size Name for the setting, then enter the Width and Height of the document.

    Office Mode

  6. Note:

    The maximum document size varies between models, check the products user manual for more information.

  7. From the Size drop down menu select your custom size.

    Office Mode

  8. Click Scan

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